The quick check tool for getting started with the topic of inclusive leadership, as well as the handbooks about the theoretical background information and the design of educational opportunities will support you in your day-to-day work with inclusive leadership.

Should you wish for support in the form of advice, further training or discussion about inclusive leadership, the three project partners are happy to place their expertise at your disposal.

EU-Fundraising Association e.V.

Based in Berlin, the EU-Fundraising Association e.V. offers Europe-wide consultation, coaching and training in collaboration with its partners on the topic of inclusive leadership. This service is on offer in both German and English and use of it within Germany can be financially supported.

Alongside this, the experts of the EU-Fundraising Association e.V. are experienced in change management, the internationalisation of organisations and the financing and implementation of national and international projects.

School for Leaders Foundation

Flagship projects of the Foundation is the School for Political Leaders (1,000 graduates) and Program Leaders of Polish-American Freedom Foundation (600 graduates).

Our programs shape different types of leadership: local, political, or at the local government level. All programs are based on common elements: Oxford debate, outdoor leadership training, substantive work in small groups, creating space for exchange of experiences, meetings with inspiring leaders from different backgrounds, a wide range of games and training tools.

alp – activating leadership potential

alp – activating leadership potential provides services for individuals, groups and organizations to support their leadership.  alp is offering 3 – 5-day training courses, where participants develop and where they are supported by professional trainers and coaches.

alp is continuously researching new leadership-approaches and models. The interest lies in supporting the strengths of individuals, as well as on theories on relationship-based leadership. Particular relevance is their work in the field of the Multiple Intelligence and on authentic and inclusive leadership.