Inclusive Leadership

An inclusive leader approach serves everyone: every individual, the organisation or company itself and the common good.

It is easier to reach goals if you are working together with others who support each another, and who can put their different strengths, competences and skills to use in the right places. The more people feel involved in a professional or decision-making process, the more innovative their work will be and the more motivated they will be.

Different points of view and experiences pave the way for good solutions. This means that ‘diversity’ is a key to our future.

Why is Inclusive Leadership important for you?

The idea of inclusive leadership has an effect on you as an individual. It doesn’t matter whether you run a large company, are involved in a refugee initiative, have started a project with people with impairments or have campaigned for the bus to stop at least five times a day at your local village station.

What does matter is your behaviour and attitude, regardless of where you are currently working or what you are involved in: What are you doing for yourself? What are you doing with and for others? How do you imagine more effective cooperation and a better future would look like? And how do you want to realise this goal and turn it into reality?

If you want to know more about inclusive leadership, why not use the materials we offer free of charge!

Good Practice of Inclusive Leadership

Karolina Suska

Library and Cultural Center in Łaziska

Finding and reaching out to the excluded, discovering the undiscovered, is a task that comes with the ‘job’ of being a leader.

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Stefan Wilke

QuikStep UG

Inclusive leadership means being open to supporting the talents of our employees and to expect them to do what they’re good at.

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Christine Weissenberg

Volunteer in refugee centre in Vienna

My professional training didn’t make me inclusive. At the end of the day it’s something you really have to want yourself.

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